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(Video) 11 Steps to Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

Are you looking to start your SOC 2 Audit for this year? Here is a video that will guide you through your first SOC 2 audit using 11 steps.  Overview Your customers have probably asked for your SOC 2 report, or it may be required to seal the deal on a new customer or contract.

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What is “Internal Penetration testing” for PCI DSS requirement 11.3

Introduction PCI DSS requires Internal, External Penetration testing, and Segmentation testing. But these terms are not crisply defined. In fact, “internal” is used elsewhere in the standard (for example internal vulnerability scanning) where it

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Using Cyber Security to Enable Sales

Information security and privacy programs are generally about managing risk, but they can also impact your sales team by either slowing down or speeding up deals.

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Diminishing Returns in Cybersecurity

If you have ever taken a course in economics, then you should know a thing or two about the law of diminishing returns. It may very well be the subject’s most famous and immediately recognizable principle. Here is the gist of it; there is a point at

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CIS V7: What's New and What to do

The CIS controls are a body of best practice for information security, curated by the Center for Internet Security, regarding how organizations can most effectively bolster their cybersecurity programs and take the proper strides to avert attacks

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The Marriott Hack: A Cautionary Tale for Corporate Acquisitions

The case of the Marriott hack is, at once, an alarming prospect for the chain’s previous guests and an invaluable case study for any organization involved in any kind of merger. At the very least, it serves as a cautionary tale for businesses that

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I never touch Cardholder Data - Does PCI DSS Apply to me?

Payment cards have been around a long time, and nefarious schemes to take advantage of them have been around almost as long. Since most people do not read the legal agreements they sign up to, they are unaware of their real responsibilities towards

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Coronavirus Cybersecurity Recommendations

In these difficult times, as many of us adapt to the disruptive new-normal of distance working, a robust information security program becomes more important than ever. 

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Social Engineering in the Retail Industry

The retail industry is one of the most crucial pillars propping up the United States’ economy. Without it, approximately 42 million Americans—a quarter of the entire US workforce—would be unemployed. Not to mention the fact that its demise would

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WPA3 for WiFi is here! Almost.

Choosing the correct form of encryption will always be a game with moving goalposts. Encryption algorithms and associated transport protocols are found to have weaknesses or computing flaws as new power becomes available to brute force the hard math

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