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What is a Tabletop Exercise and Why is it Valuable? – An interview with Aaron Wheeler, Truvantis Security Consultant

In this interview with Truvantis CEO Andy Cottrell, Aaron Wheeler discusses conducting tabletop exercises and how his clients derive value. What is a Tabletop Exercise? “It's a chance for clients to stress test environment policiesand procedures. In our case, business

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Why is Cybersecurity Difficult? – An interview with Jennifer Hill, Truvantis Security Consultant

In this interview with Truvantis CEO Andy Cottrell, Jenny Hill discusses the challenges and evolution of security programs she sees across industries. In theory, cybersecurity should be easy. Why is it so hard? “It never stays stagnant. Every minute

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Penetration Testing – Stories from the Field by William Suthers

William gets to the point of what a pen test should do for your business and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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Data Breach in the Healthcare Industry – The High Cost of Doing Nothing

As technology advances and the reliance on digital systems grows, the risk of data breaches in the health-tech sector has increased significantly. This article explores the implications healthcare providers face following data breaches, focusing on

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Beyond the Breach

Ok, so you had a data breach. What do you do next? Some experts warn that it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' your information management system will get breached. Time-to-detection and time-to-recovery are essential factors of business continuity.

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Business Security Maturity Journey with Rick Folkerts

We interviewed Rick Folkerts, Principle Security Analyst at Truvantis.Rick is a specialist in governance risk and compliance, including data privacy. We asked him about his experience and approach to helping organizations of all sizes and types,

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Don't Let Ransomware Kill Your Business: Address the Root Causes

In today's digital age, businesses increasingly rely on technology, making them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the most dangerous forms of cyber-attacks is ransomware, which can cripple businesses of all sizes. Ransomware is malware that

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The vCISO’s Guide to Managing Risk in Your Environment

Cybersecurity and privacy risks remain among the top threats facing business organizations today. Increasingly, boards are leaning on the CISO role to guide investments in cybersecurity and privacy programs, emphasizing the importance of risk

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What is a Security Risk Assessment?

"I think this is a colossal failure in asset-liability risk management,"-Mark T. Williams, a former bank examiner for the Federal Reserve, referring to actions that led to Silicon ValleyBank's seizure by federal regulators.*

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How HealthTech Startups use Security as a Competitive Advantage

HealthTech is among the most well-funded and rapidly growing industries. However, the medical sector is one of the most challenging areas for launching a startup. Laws, regulations, high security & privacy standards, and the complexity of

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