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Bridging the gap between CISOs

Facing the challenges of new cybersecurity and privacy laws, a sharp increase in cybersecurity litigation, and the ceaseless evolution of ransomware and cyberthreats, the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become critical to maintaining business operations and

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CISO, vCISO, Security Program, Risk Assessment, ISO27001

ISO 27000 Compliance Guide + Five Steps to Building Defensible Security & Privacy systems

How do you convince your partners & customers that your privacy and security practice is state-of-the-art?

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Combating Ransomware Attacks Through Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Ransomware is still a major threat. In fact, the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) of  ransomware gangs have evolved so much that it has created new business models within the darknet where premium services such as Ransomware as a Service

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The One Reason to Pen Test Data Backup Systems - Ransomware Protection

At the heart of your disaster recovery plan, organizations often disregard data backup and recovery systems when it comes to pen testing and maintaining security. Vulnerable backup systems make for an attractive target by ransomware gangs, grief/

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The 0-day in the Room Nobody is Talking About: Scope

Scope is an important shaping tool that, when leveraged properly, can help enhance engagement outcomes during penetration testing, red team and other security operations. Like any tool, however, when used incorrectly it can have devastating

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Do you have APIs? How do you test them?

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) have changed in nature in recent years and are increasingly (and sometimes inadvertently) being made available to users of web services, the “Apps” (applications) on mobile devices, and internally for the web

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Diminishing Returns in Cybersecurity

If you have ever taken a course in economics, then you should know a thing or two about the law of diminishing returns. It may very well be the subject’s most famous and immediately recognizable principle. Here is the gist of it; there is a point at

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Penetration Testing, Security Program, Risk Assessment

The Marriott Hack: A Cautionary Tale for Corporate Acquisitions

The case of the Marriott hack is, at once, an alarming prospect for the chain’s previous guests and an invaluable case study for any organization involved in any kind of merger. At the very least, it serves as a cautionary tale for businesses that

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Penetration Testing, CIS Controls, Security Program, Risk Assessment

Coronavirus Cybersecurity Recommendations

In these difficult times, as many of us adapt to the disruptive new-normal of distance working, a robust information security program becomes more important than ever. 

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Risk Assessment

How to Get the Most Out of a Security Risk Assessment

Many companies are required to perform a security risk assessment to check off a compliance box. While this mandatory analysis can seem like a chore, there are a number of reasons why these important evaluations are a requirement for most

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