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The One Reason to Pen Test Data Backup Systems - Ransomware Protection

At the heart of your disaster recovery plan, organizations often disregard data backup and recovery systems when it comes to pen testing and maintaining security. Vulnerable backup systems make for an attractive target by ransomware gangs, grief/ breach gangs, and effective

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The 0-day in the Room Nobody is Talking About: Scope

Scope is an important shaping tool that, when leveraged properly, can help enhance engagement outcomes during penetration testing, red team and other security operations. Like any tool, however, when used incorrectly it can have devastating

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Do you have APIs? How do you test them?

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) have changed in nature in recent years and are increasingly (and sometimes inadvertently) being made available to users of web services, the “Apps” (applications) on mobile devices, and internally for the web

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Reasons to choose CIS Controls for Cyber Security

Reasons to choose CIS Controls for your cyber security program  It started with a few select people in a room. It was called “Project Insight” by the NSA and DOD and its mission was simple, get some of the best cybersecurity minds into a room, and

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Does Privacy Shield's downfall signal the end of US-EU data transfers?

EU data protection and privacy requirements, currently established primarily in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), generally restrict personal data transfers to a third country except where “where the [European] Commission has decided

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How much Information Security function can you safely outsource?

Outsourcing is now very common among technology companies. Sometimes a whole function is delegated externally such as accounting, HR, marketing. Even R&D can be delivered by remote teams, often in other countries. So what about information

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7 Advantages of using a "virtual CISO" (vCISO)

A growing trend in the world of Cyber Security is companies outsourcing of some or all of their Information Security teams. This can be just a small part, like vulnerability management, vendor risk management, or responding to

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