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Security Awareness Training

Fortify the Weakest Link in Your Security

What is Security Awareness Training? 

Security awareness training is education for the people of your organization to better understand safe security protocols that prevent the common ploys of attackers. Through consistent and relevant training, your staff is less likely to fall victim and leave the company vulnerable to an attack.

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Why Security Awareness Training Matters (Most)

It may surprise you to find out the biggest threat to your security is your own staff. The characteristics that make them great employees, being nice, helpful, and trusting, make them the first target of smart attackers. Internal staff unwittingly allow threats inside the firewalls of major organizations every single day, with just the click of a mouse.

Cybercriminals understand how easy it is to use the trusting, good nature of everyday people to gain access to your system and eventually, your most sensitive data. Even today, after decades of computer use and security breaches, people need to be formally trained to not click on the link, to not hold open the locked door for the person behind them, and not to believe everyone is who they say they are. Going against our trusting nature takes deliberate training and eye-opening education. 

Today, cyberattacks are rarely as sophisticated or covert as the movies portray. Most of the time, an unsuspecting person opens an email, clicks a legitimate-looking link in the normal course of their job, or holds the door for the nice guy carrying a tray full of hot coffees.

This universal security weakness is such a problem that security awareness training is a requirement of most security compliance standards. For those organizations required to get this training, our virtual program is a convenient and accessible way to improve your security posture in the least disruptive way possible.

Our Approach for Real Results

It’s extremely difficult to communicate the devastating effects and clever strategies of cybercriminals on a PowerPoint presentation or webinar. 

We do things a little differently.

Our trainings begin without notice to your employees. We get real buy-in and overcome their false sense of security by getting them to let us into your system by baiting and tricking them. The shock of this real-life experience commands a whole new level of attention from your team who now understand, more than ever, that they need this training.

Security Awareness Training with Truvantis

We’ll begin with a list of staff members and their email addresses. Then, we’ll work with you to design the phishing emails we’ll use as bait. When a team member clicks on our target link, they’re let in on the real purpose of the email and directed to begin the training program. As we begin to individually train your staff members, you’ll receive regular updates from us with a list of who clicked the link and who attended the training. 

We utilize the best security awareness training program platform in the industry and can help you to shape a program for the areas and security topics that matter most to your organization. In a captivating and entertaining digital format, users complete each training session at their own pace. Each learns to recognize common cybercriminal strategies, how they can prevent them, and how every person plays a crucial role in enforcing company security protocols and procedures.

Common strategies covered include:


Usually common spam emails, these attempts are designed to obtain a recipient’s usernames, passwords, payment card information, or other personal details by appearing as though it’s from a legitimate source.


Simply following an authorized person through a locked security door.

BEC or Smishing

An email or text to a specific employee, impersonating a CEO, vendor, or manager requesting an immediate wire transfer of funds.

Spear Phishing

Targeting phishing efforts using a highly-personalized email to specific people using information found on social media or online.


Phone-based phishing in an attempt to get unauthorized system access over the phone under false pretenses.


Malware delivered by email that locks users and organizations out of their system until a ransom is paid.

Trust Truvantis with Your Security Awareness Training

Our experienced team understands regular security awareness training fits into a comprehensive security strategy. More importantly, we know how to make it stick. Our eye-opening, interactive training platform and hands-on management over your training will help you to take your security to the next level.