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What is Privacy Information?

Most organizations are subject to multiple privacy laws on global, federal, state, and industry-specific levels. These laws define Personally Identifiable Information (PII), consumer rights, and the actions business must take in collecting& notification, response to consumer requests, use of PII in marketing, or the sales of consumer data. Organizations must maintain a defensible privacy practice to avoid violations where auditors, courts, regulators, and class action attorneys may be concerned. Privacy readiness involves reviewing your legal exposure, vendor contracts, privacy policy, responsiveness to consumer requests, and employee training. Defensible privacy includes maintaining and monitoring policies, contracts, procedures, clear outward-facing documentation, and managing privacy audits.



Why Privacy Consulting?

Save time & money, avoid fines, maintain compliance.

Working with an experienced consultant can streamline your privacy compliance process. Most organizations do not have the internal bandwidth or expertise to develop and manage privacy operations independently. A good consultant will tailor the privacy scope to fit your organization and has the experience to examine privacy policies, protocols, and procedures the same way regulators and class action attorneys do.

Why choose Truvantis?

World-class competence, expertise, and experience.

Truvantis has the experience to examine privacy policies, protocols, and procedures the same way regulators and class action attorneys do. Our experienced and accredited team has the competence and expertise to drive effective privacy management in your organization. We have helped hundreds of organizations address the challenges of conveying complex privacy concepts with clear policies, procedures, training, and outward-facing documentation.

We do everything necessary to manage your privacy risk.

Unlike so-called boxed solutions, which only give you checklists, templates, basic instructions, and video training, then leave you with the work. Truvantis can also do the hard work for you and simplify nuances of interpreting regulations and assessing the effectiveness of privacy controls.

We work with your vendors, third-party service providers, stakeholders from IT, IG, compliance, security, legal, and discovery departments. We manage everything for you from training, risk assessment, data-flow mapping, document preparation, technology integration to guiding compliance audits. We have the expertise to examine from both a technical and legal compliance lens and manage any projects required to fill any gaps.

Privacy Consulting - 3 Steps to Defensible Privacy Management


Privacy Readiness Workshop

  • Understand your privacy goals
  • Define and scope your privacy management system
  • Build executive and departmental stakeholder awareness
  • Create a process for your customized privacy readiness report

The Truvantis PrivacyWorkshop is a two-hour discovery call followed by other meetings and analyses to build an executive-level awareness of privacy concerns and facilitate an understanding of goals and requirements for the privacy program. Critical privacy decisions, impacts, and risks are discovered, and the scope of the privacy program is determined. The result is a process for scoping and completion of a privacy readiness assessment.


Privacy Gap Analysis

Perform a full assessment of each in-scope system resulting in capability and gap reports for each system and the organization, including specific technical, policy, or process changes needed to meet privacy program goals and requirements.

The exercise includes detailed current state and business use case requirements for the processing and transmission of personal information, including retention periods, and team involvement.

Data Flow Mapping - an end-to-end mapping of all personal information flows within the organization at the system level


Privacy Implementation

Truvantis will design and implement a completely customized privacy rights management system to help you maintain compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, CPRA and other consumer protection acts. You can avoid costly and disruptive ‘all hands-on deck’ exercises with our efficient annual privacy program.

  • Maintain contractual and statutory compliance
  • Avoid business cost and disruption
  • Maintain third-party contracts, compliance and monitoring
  • Data privacy annual employee training program

We provide complete data workflow design, implementation, coordination across employees, third-party contracts, procedures, and technical infrastructure. This includes authentication, verification, fraud and breach prevention, tracking and fulfillment, deletion issues, household data issues, timelines, and secure information delivery.

We will create and manage cybersecurity and data privacy training for employees to understand their roles in security and privacy and receive entertaining and informative training updates.

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Contact Truvantis about Privacy Consulting

At Truvantis, our clients always work with senior-level privacy experts. 

Our team's collective experience is an enormous asset for organizations like yours, and we use that expertise to ensure you're compliant with all privacy laws that apply to you. 

To talk to a member of our team about privacy consulting, simply complete the form on this page.