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What do Security Program Operations Entail?

Hands-on Management of Your Ongoing Security Strategy

Effective cybersecurity is achieved by actively defending your strategic security system. But when technology, employees, and applications change as frequently as the methods of attackers, only a comprehensive program with consistent expert guidance can maintain the level of security that truly keeps your data secure. 

What it Takes to Stay Secure

From startups to enterprises, it can be difficult or simply not feasible to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or InfoSec team. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to manage risk and enable sales than learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity yourself. 

Our security program operation services are designed to keep you doing what you do best, while we focus on keeping your system secure. 

Truvantis® can manage the entire operations of your security program or fill in the gaps by supplementing your existing strategy. Our structured methodology makes cybersecurity management easy, with service that’s tailored to your environment and your existing tools, while working within your budget and supporting your mission. 


Our agile service is tailored to the unique requirements and risk tolerance of your organization. Modify your program at any time to include management of policies, compliance, security awareness, networks, applications, or infrastructure or any specific element of those functions.  

The Outsourcing Advantage

By using an outsourced team of specialists, you have access to a pool of experts that can help you to meet evolving security or compliance program needs. Your program will benefit from a diverse and deeper set of skills, better year-round coverage and a more predictable budget. And unlike a lot of other vendors, Truvantis won’t lock you into a multi-year contract.

The Anatomy of an Effective Security Program Operation

Phase one of our security program management is focused on thoroughly understanding your current operations. This includes not only InfoSec functions but also Development, DevOps, IT and any other functions we need to consider in order to effectively manage the security domains assigned to us.

Phase Two is developing both operational and maturity development plans:

  • The operational plan captures the day-to-day business as usual procedures that need to be followed by us to maintain the InfoSec operations. This may include vulnerability management, vendor risk management, scheduled tasks such as penetration testing, credential audits and other repeatable tasks. 
  • The maturity development plan captures how your InfoSec could improve over time. This may include improvements in scope, tools, controls, procedures, or efficiency. This plan will be broken into quarterly objectives, often including suggestions of how to fit plans into your budget.

Phase Three or Ongoing operations occur once the operational and development plans are underway. Your personal Truvantis Information Security Specialist provides regular reports on:

  • Actions taken
  • Risks
  • Blockers
  • Progress against your goals
  • Tasks completed
  • Action requests fulfilled

Contact Us about Security Program Operation Today

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