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Vendor Risk Management

Mitigate the Security Risks in the Programs You Depend on

When Critical Connections Put You at Risk

Every day, organizations rely on a growing network of technological products and services to do business. Unfortunately, your system can be put at risk for a cyberattack or data breach by anything connected to your network. For many organizations, that means the risk of potential security gaps.

It’s your responsibility to screen and continuously monitor the security of third-party products and services. This time-consuming process of regular due diligence can require manpower and expertise that many organizations don’t have on staff full-time. 

Outsourcing the risk management of your vendors to cybersecurity experts can save time and money while fortifying your security in ways that you can’t do on your own.

The Truvantis® Advantage

The Truvantis team provides vendor risk management (VRM) service on behalf of organizations around the world. Our senior-level security experts perform thorough cybersecurity (and business) risk due diligence in order to advise our clients whether or not to engage with prospective third-party service providers.  

Our team of consultants touts decades of experience across the whole gamut of cybersecurity and business. We have developed a proven methodology for vetting service providers using the industry’s best security risk analysis tools and hands-on techniques. The latter is a signature part of all Truvantis services and helps us to deliver a level of accuracy that can’t be achieved any other way.

Our Comprehensive Vendor Risk Management Process

Simply send us your long list of vendors and walk us through what features and offerings are important to you. We do the rest and you stay secure.

For each of our vendor risk management clients, we create custom security questionnaires specific to their security needs and systems. Then, we issue them on behalf of our clients during the consideration of a new service and at regular intervals for consistent monitoring. 

Once we receive the data our team has requested from the prospective vendors, including Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), scanning tools, and informational websites, we analyze it using best-in-class tools and our own manual techniques for accurate verification.

You’ll receive a full report of our findings and expert recommendations in language that your whole team can understand. 

Trust Truvantis with Your Vendor Risk Management

Get the security you can trust with the assistance that makes your life easier. Whether you just need help managing supplier security risk, or you need third-party due diligence as part of your security program operations or a chief information security officer (CISO) service, we’re here to help.