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Risk assessments are the only way to effectively prioritize your security budget

The Truvantis Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment will show you what, where, why, and the resources needed to defend your data.

Our unique approach to risk assessments:

  • Is lightweight and low impact
  • Provides actionable results
  • Culminates in a remediation plan that we can execute on
  • Meets or exceeds all industry standards 

Our experienced and versatile team will take every action necessary to mitigate risks and harden your security posture.

Your Benefits

Risk assessments:

  • Help to Guide Your Security Investment.
  • Give You Data to Prioritize Improvements to Your Security.
  • Risk Assessments Help to Protect You Against Breaches.

Why Risk Assessments Matter to Your Security Strategy

Before you sink any more money into your security system or start drafting your cybersecurity budget, a risk assessment can tell you what, where, why and the amount of resources that are needed to defend your data.

Risk assessments are also required for compliance with many cybersecurity standards, including PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001, NIST, HIPAA and more, as an essential part of a strong security program. These comprehensive reviews are the fundamental building block for an organization’s information security posture and a crucial first step of smart security strategies.

Whitepaper: Get Real Value from Your Risk Assessment

They key to a successful risk assessment is understanding the recommendations that come from it.

Learn six valuable insights from our senior team concerning how you can use the information from a risk assessment.

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Truvantis Risk Assessment Process

Identify All Assets

Inventory all valuable assets for review, including:

Risk Assessment Steps

  • Physical assets
    • Network Hardware 
    • Computers 
    • Mobile Devices,  
    • Servers, etc. 
  • Software
    • Operating Systems
    • Applications 
    • Automation Tools 
  • Personnel  
  • Users 
  • Sensitive and Protected Data 
  • Intellectual Property 

Perform an Attack Surface Analysis

An attack surface analysis will find your vulnerabilities, potential threats and exploit attack vectors. 

Match Threats to Vulnerabilities

Every vulnerable asset is matched with its potential threat to form a “risk scenario.” For instance, a flaw in your website’s code is your vulnerability, and the threat: an attacker who could exploit the flaw. 

Forecast Probability & Impact

Assess the frequency, probability and projected impact of each type of exploitation. Consider the likelihood each threat could occur.  Assess how many times a year it could happen on average and project the impact of exploitation. 

Outline a Treatment Program

All information is placed into a "risk register," which lists each risk by category and rank. The risk register as an associated "treatment plan" detailing how to potentially address each risk—for example, to accept, avoid, transfer or remediate. 

The risk register and treatment plan rank each threat and vulnerability pair called a risk scenario by its severity, budget requirements, expertise needed (such as internal vs. external consultation), etc., to help you prioritize how and when to address each issue. 

The Truvantis® Advantage

Results rely largely on your vendor. As a top-tier, global provider of risk assessments, the Truvantis team can provide valuable, hands-on service to organizations everywhere.  

Truvantis is trusted by a wide range of organizations including banks, financial services, state and local government, airports, retail, healthcare & health-tech organizations, public companies, startups, large nonprofits and major sports teams.

Start Assessing Your Risks with Our Help

The Truvantis experts are here to help you navigate modern cybersecurity and protect your organization, so you can focus on what’s most important to your business.

Learn more about risk assessments in our comprehensive guide or contact our team today.