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Solving Your Security Requirements

Having your own CISO and cybersecurity team is easy!  – WITH TRUVANTIS® vCISO

Sourcing, hiring and paying for a cybersecurity team can be impractical and daunting. Let alone choosing the right Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). At best it’s a difficult and expensive option. To maintain these skills in-house is beyond the ability of many small businesses. Cybersecurity is not your core competency and it can be a challenge keeping up:

  • A lack of available skilled employees
  • Fast-changing regulatory requirements
  • Huge cybersecurity salaries
  • Limited budgets
  • Internal politics

Truvantis’ vCISO Program solves all of these problems. Engaging in a way that is both tactical and efficient. Without the complexity, resource load and cost. You get a full team for less than retaining a full-time CISO. Quickly scalable and robust.

The Truvantis vCISO team gives you the same expertise, services and benefits of seasoned, highly-certified cybersecurity experts and a CISO. Security and compliance risks will be identified and mitigated as if you had a full team inhouse, but at a fraction of the cost.


How We Do It

Whether your current needs involve bang-for-the-buck strategy thinking, or deep technical heads-down hands-on skills, our vCISO Cybersecurity team gives you decades of expertise experience in tech security and business risk:

✔ Cybersecurity Roadmap
InfoSec Policy Development
Security Compliance Standards
✔ DevSecOps
✔ Security Remediation Tracks Intelligence
✔ Security Tech Product Evaluations
✔ Secure Architecture Development
✔ Hands-On Technical Support
✔ Truvantis’ Risk Management Model

Better Than Hiring My Own Employees.

It makes better business sense to outsource your security team than to hire inhouse. A Truvantis security team makes sense for you practically, operationally and financially.

Your cybersecurity experts are going to get sick, have bad days, go on vacation, quit or even get hit by the proverbial bus. You need a team of experts that you can count on to provide security services and compliance oversight for your organization all the time. 

Even if you are lucky enough to hire a talented cybersecurity professional, they can only be an expert at just so many things.

At some point, this person will run out of room in their brain in which they can stuff current, relevant security information. The breadth and depth of Cybersecurity, risk and compliance knowledge is very wide, long and deep--you will need expertise in many areas across the whole gamut.

Financially it’s resource intensive, time consuming and expensive to hire and retain top cybersecurity talent. Multiply this by the number of experts you’ll need for Operations Security Business Risk and Compliance--it adds up very quickly. With security engineer salaries what they are and the short supply of security talent it’s a difficult proposition all the way around. --Truvantis solves these problems with vCISO.

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