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The Truvantis vCISO service - customizable security, privacy and compliance programs.

Your own CISO and cybersecurity team without the cost of in-house staff

With the Truvantis’ vCISO Program,  you get a full team for less than retaining a full-time CISO. Flexible, scalable and robust. 

The Truvantis vCISO team gives you the same expertise, services and benefits of seasoned, highly certified cybersecurity experts and a CISO. Security and compliance risks will be identified and mitigated as if you had a full team in-house, but at a fraction of the cost. 

We can help with your compliance requirements for these and other industry standards: 


Your Benefits 

  • Modular security, privacy and compliance programs 
  • Flexibility service level that adjusts to your evolving business needs 
  • Personalized approach to your unique business situation and cybersecurity requirements 
  • Access to a bench of staff with a wide, diversified range of security, privacy and compliance expertise 


The Truvantis vCISO Experience

We do not try and sell you a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we work with you to deploy a customized program balancing your budget with your organization’s risk appetite. We have a structured methodology for cybersecurity and privacy programs that we have used successfully with our clientele many times. 

Why hire a vCISO?

  • Experience 
  • Team(Bench) of Experts 
  • Flexible 
  • Industry Best Practice 
  • Clear Planning and Scheduling 
  • People Skills 
  • Actionable Reporting 

vCISO service is particularly popular with startups needing SOC2 to enable their enterprise sales. Our clientele also includes Sports Teams, Grocery Chains, Fintech and HealthTech. Clients use our model to add cyber/privacy leadership and execution to their capabilities using the subscription model to give budget predictability. 

Outsource some or all of your infosec or privacy program to Truvantis. This is not staff augmentation, where the resources report to you for oversight. We bring a robust methodology, a bench of skills that can be adjusted over time to meet evolving needs, and the necessary CISO grade strategic planning and oversight. We will build and operate some or all of your information security and/or privacy program for an agreed monthly fee.  

How We Do It

Truvantis - vCISO Business as Usual Program 2


Whether your current needs involve bang-for-the-buck strategic thinking, or deep technical heads-down hands-on skills, our vCISO Cybersecurity team gives you decades of experience in tech security and business risk:

✔ Cybersecurity Maturity & Remediation Roadmap
Security Compliance Standards
✔ Security Tech Product Evaluations
✔ Secure Architecture Development
✔ Hands-On Technical Support


"Better Than Hiring My Own Employees"

Qualified IT security staff and full-time CISOs are expensive and difficult to find and retain. Hiring a vCISO can enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture without the overhead of a full-time security staff. You can pay for only the services you need when you need them.  

Given the increasing evolution of the threat landscape and the shortage of qualified experts, many organizations often find it safer and more cost-effective to outsource the CISO role. 

With the Truvantis vCISO service, you get a team of experts that you can count on to provide security services and compliance oversight for your organization all the time.  

Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. 

"We’re thrilled with the vCISO services we’ve received from Truvantis. Technical and compliance expertise is always accompanied by practical advice. I’d trust our Truvantis professional to handle anything thrown at her on behalf of our company."


Sarah Bimber, JD, MPH

General Counsel, Amino

"The Truvantis team made the process easy and helped to mature our program beyond what we could have done alone and their vCISO service felt more like an extension of our existing employee base. I would engage them again for any future security project."

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Carrell Jackson

Director, Security Operations, Inkling

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