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Put Your Cybersecurity to the Test Before Hackers Do

According to the 2019 Cost of Cybercrime study, the average cost and consequences of a cybercrime incident for an organization has increased from an average of $1.4 million to $13.0 million USD. 

Lower your organization’s risk of a security breach with comprehensive, cybersecurity testing. Our security testing services go beyond the capabilities of automatic scans to find hidden vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by criminals.

In the cybersecurity testing industry, Truvantis® stands out for the quality of our testing, our experienced, senior security specialists and our ability to deliver value to your business.


Our experts use a custom, hands-on approach to routinely perform a broad spectrum of security tests on:

  • Networks
  • Web applications & APIs
  • Desktop applications
  • Wireless and other RF
  • People (social engineering)
  • Buildings (physical security)
  • Black box or white box
  • And beyond

No matter what type of security testing your business, network or compliance standards require, we’ll go beyond running tools and printing reports for a higher standard and better results. 

Our security testing assesses your system in the same way a real hacker would. When testing is complete you’ll understand:

  • What vulnerabilities were discovered in your system and why they matter
  • Location of each 
  • Severity level of each (typically Common Vulnerability Scoring System score)
  • Actions and recommendations to remediate each
  • How to reproduce each issue as proof it exists

Contact Truvantis about Security Testing

We're proud to have a team of senior-level cybersecurity experts who work with our clients. 

With Truvantis, we believe in providing you with the expertise and experience that you need to make your organization secure, compliant, and safe. 

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