The Top Benefits of Using CISO as a Service

You could hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to help oversee your day-to-day security activities. Or, you take the stress and responsibility off your shoulders and hire a CISO as a Service or vCISO. Those are your two options for maintaining a well-prepared security program. 

There are a number of reasons that choosing a vCISO is a wise investment— and in this article, we’re here to address some of the top benefits. Here’s why it’s often best to trust a team of IT specialists with your information security:

1. Using a vCISO is elastic and scalable.

If you hire an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and supportive security team, you’re locking yourself into paying annual salaries/benefits packages as well as risking high turnover costs. These added expenses make it difficult to scale quickly and limit your flexibility for growth. 

By choosing an adaptive vCISO, you are not limited by staffing considerations. Scale up or scale down your security efforts based on your needs, without the worry of hiring or firing internally. 

2. With a flexible vCISO, you can receive bursts of supply according to demand.

When choosing to retain a full team of in-house information security support, you need the workload to fill multiple full-time positions’ day— else you’re often paying your staff to sit around. 

Some companies just don’t have the need for a consistent level of effort from their security staff. They may only require extra staffing during certain periods to support a sale or opportunity. For businesses without a full security team, they’re pulling people from other projects to clean up messes, distracting them from their work at hand. 

With a flexible vCISO, you can get the headcount you need until the work is done. Then, after the demand ceases, resume your traditional service requirements without repercussions or stress. 

3. With the support of vCISO, you gain access to specialists you normally couldn’t afford.

Specialists come with a higher salary, as they can often offer you niche knowledge or services that a generalized worker cannot. For instance, you may be seeking a consultant who concentrates in all matters compliance or someone with direct experience working with auditors.

It’s not always justifiable on your payroll to bring a specific information security professional onto your team full-time, especially when you might not need their services all the time— only in isolated instances. 

The CISO as a Service will have a variety of practical specialists on standby, ready to step in when needed and equally ready step back when not. 

4. vCISO teams come with a breadth of expertise.

Not only do CISO as a Service teams have specialists who you can utilize when needed, but they also offer a full arsenal of expertise. Having a well-rounded security department right at your fingertips is incredibly different than simply hiring a Chief Information Security Officer and one or two employees.

The right vCISO team will offer a vast skill and experience repertoire— a much more expansive resume than the few team members you can afford to hire. 

5. vCISO boasts a whole list of other useful offerings.

We just began to scratch the surface of the benefits of choosing CISO as a Service in this post. In our other article, “Here's What You Can Expect When Using CISO as a Service,” we discuss additional perks. 

For instance, a well-prepared vCISO will begin your partnership with the initiative to implement better tracking methods, reporting, etc. Click on the link above to learn more.

Time to Hire a CISO as a Service? 

There are many benefits to using a CISO as a Service to optimize your security program. Get started by reading “5 Signs it's Time to Start Using CISO as a Service” to determine if a CISO as a Service is right for you.

Are you ready to hire the talent you need, so that you can focus your attention on what’s really important— running your business? You hone in on what you do best and let the professionals focus on what they do best.

Here at Truvantis®, our IT security experts are here to make it easy. Contact us today.

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