The State of Computer Security in the US According to the PCI Dream Team

The Truvantis Risk Radar welcomed the PCI Dream Team to the first stop of their 2023 book tour. Their new book is called, “The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Version 4 ”.  The authors have more than 50 years of combined PCI experience. When it comes to PCI DSS, they’ve seen it all, been there, and done that and are sharing their combined knowledge with us to make our PCI journeys easier.  

In part one of our three part interview, we get to know a bit about Coop, Jeff, David and Ben, why they formed the PCI Dream Team, their mission, and an update on the upcoming Broadway musical version. And get a glimpse of their views on the general state of computer security in the U.S. 

“Ben's great. He keeps us all. He's the overseer of this. He came up with the (book) idea. And people have been giving me such excellent feedback on the book.” – Art Cooper on The Truvantis Risk Radar show. 

“Unfortunately, the state of computer security and corresponding policies and procedures in most US organizations are much closer to that of third-world countries.” The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Version 4 -pg. 184 

“There's the old axiom in security about the fact that a hacker only has to get it right once, infosec people on the other side of the chain, have to get it right every flippin day, every hour, every minute. Because if they messed up, the hacker got in. It's a level playing field (across) the whole world. .” – Jeff Hall on The Truvantis Risk Radar show. 

“The scary fact of the matter is when it comes to computer and Internet and network security or any kind of security like this, the whole world is a an even playing field now. … you just can't rely on old school security.”

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For the full interview please visit The Truvantis Risk Radar YouTube channel or listen to the podcast. 

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