Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Challenge

All organizations face the challenges of new cybersecurity and privacy laws, a sharp increase in cybersecurity litigation, and the ceaseless evolution of ransomware and cyber-threats. As a result, mature risk management and IT security team have become critical to maintaining business operations. 

According to Zippia and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for IT security professionals is projected to grow 33% from 2020 to 2030. In this environment, most companies will likely face untimely gaps in security talent. Given the high demand and low supply of IT security skills, most companies will likely face untimely cybersecurity and privacy talent gaps.

According to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), 63% of businesses say they have unfilled security positions, and 60% experienced difficulties retaining qualified cybersecurity professionals in 2021.

Boxed Solutions & Talent Pools  

You can buy online ‘boxed’ solutions for cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy. Companies are offering ‘automated security & compliance’ claiming to make the process of gathering information, scheduling a CPA audit, and achieving compliance ‘fast, easy and trusted.’ Those solutions are fine for getting started and producing the necessary forms and paperwork. But that’s where they end, and you still need experts to do the work. You can try contract, temp, and remote talent. However, finding the right skills you can trust is still challenging. 

Virtual CISO Services 

A virtual CISO (vCISO) service can help augment your existing security team, bridge the gap between full-time staff or as a permanent strategic solution. Given the increasing evolution of the threat landscape and the shortage of qualified experts, many organizations find it safer and more cost-effective to outsource the CISO and other IT security roles. According to IDG’s 2021 Security Priorities Study,  62% of organizations plan to outsource IT security functions in 2022. Organizations often outsource evaluation services, such as penetration testing, risk assessments, and security audits. Outsourced operations include monitoring the network, endpoint, cloud, and security analytics. In 2022 more organizations are expected to outsource behavior monitoring/analysis and security awareness training.

Virtual CISO Services are Modular and Elastic 

With a vCISO service, you can buy what you need when you need it, depending on your immediate or long-term requirements. Our clients come to us for everything from a targeted pen test on a specific system to a holistic cybersecurity, privacy and compliance program. 

How to Hire a vCISO 

Finding the exemplary vCISO service is no trivial task itself. Before selecting a trusted partner, an organization should list its requirements based on business objectives and legal requirements. Next, look for a vCISO with a corresponding track record and proven success.  

What to look for in a vCISO Service 


A qualified vCISO team gives you the same high level of expertise, services, and benefits as a seasoned, highly certified CISO, but at a fraction of the cost. Look for a vCISO cybersecurity team with decades of expert experience in tech security and business risk management. 

Industry Leadership 

In addition to experience, look for industry leadership. Industry leaders are security professionals who have made and continue to make significant contributions in the cybersecurity space through industry organizations and the broader security profession. 

A vCISO should take the lead to manage your information security strategy autonomously. They should ensure it’s efficient and appropriate for your business while routinely monitoring and reassessing to discover new ways to enhance your protection. 

A Bench of Talent 

A quality service brings a team of diversified risk management, cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance specialists better than a single individual. vCISO squads are diversified, adaptable, and elastic. Depending on your ongoing projects and threat landscape, you may need different skills at different times. 

Risk-based cybersecurity program 

A risk management approach is the basis of an effective cybersecurity program. There is no such thing as perfect security. A risk management approach identifies vulnerabilities in the information management system, scores them according to priority, and weighs cost against business advantages. Effective risk management means acting proactively rather than reactively, thus reducing the possibility of a risk occurring and its potential impact. 

Security teams face the challenge of justifying the approval of the cybersecurity budget, which can be challenging to explain within an organization. A vCISO’s role is to take a risk management approach to balance budget with organizational risk appetite and present it in business terms.  

Industry Standard Frameworks 

You can achieve Information security by complying with an adequate set of security policies, standards and procedures. Of course, there is no such thing as 100% secure, but if you comply with an appropriate set of security policies, standards and practices, your organization is actively managing its risk. Your vCISO service should have deep experience using standards like CIS Controls, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO 27001.  

Focuses on the underlying business objectives 

A good vCISO understands that your needs can sometimes be more focused on sales than security risk, and that’s no problem. The vCISO needs to be able to address your practical business needs versus obsessing over perfect security. A risk management approach is helpful in that it appropriately weighs the cost of security controls against the threat and, most notably, the business benefits of managing, avoiding, or accepting certain cybersecurity risks. 

Able to handle privacy as well as security if you need it 

In addition to cybersecurity threats, most businesses today are subject to multiple consumer privacy regulations, for example, GDPR, HIPAA, CPRA, and other state, federal and international laws. Therefore, reliable privacy management depends upon a solid cybersecurity framework. A good vCISO service can help you build a centralized cybersecurity and data privacy program to satisfy your risk management program and comply with the complex matrix of consumer privacy laws. 

Why Truvantis? 

Truvantis is a cybersecurity, compliance and privacy consulting organization with comprehensive experience in implementing, testing, auditing, and operating cybersecurity and information privacy programs. In addition to cybersecurity, compliance and privacy services, we offer cybersecurity training courses and certifications. We are also a PCI DSS, Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).  

We specialize in helping our clients improve their cyber governance posture through practical, effective, and actionable programs—balancing budget and organizational risk tolerance.  

Ready to get started? Contact Truvantis for a consultation with one of our experts.  

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