Security Program

Ongoing services to meet agreed objectives

Cyber security is not a one-time effort. Good risk management demands regular, ongoing vigilance to maintain the security of networks, endpoints, applications and data, including testing, governance, training and audit/assessment readiness. Your systems, employees and applications change constantly, as do the methods attackers use to gain unauthorized access. Only by implementing a comprehensive ongoing information security program can you maintain security over time.

Truvantis offers a customized Security Program tailored to the unique requirements and risk tolerance of your organization. A Truvantis Security Program allows you to combine any of our services, including testing, compliance reviews, risk assessments, configuration audits, procedure and policy development, or remediation assistance. We can also provide staff training and consulting services as needed. This is all conveniently managed by a regular subscription, customized to your needs, allowing you to budget accordingly and have confidence that your information security management is addressing your organization’s risks.


Each program is specific to a customer’s needs and can encompass the entire InfoSec program or just one part of it. Once the scope has been agreed, Truvantis will deliver on these responsibilities for a fixed and predictable monthly fee. The scope of the service can be adjusted at any time as your needs evolve.

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