Penetration Testing

Network, Application, API, Mobile, Social, Physical, Hardware

Find Security Weaknesses

Penetration testing pits the tester against the system. It simulates the steps an attacker would take to breach the security of your network from the outside. A pen test is an active test that uses known exploits and unexpected opportunities to gain access to systems and exfiltrate data. The goal is to find, validate and document vulnerabilities, assign risk scores and create a mitigation plan. The experience level of the testers are critical, as is their ability to judge risk, deliver a comprehensive report that explains the vulnerabilities they exploited and that recommends steps for mitigation.

If you are wondering whether you are secure from outside attacks, this test is a good choice. This type of test is also a common requirement of regulators or industry standards and is the best way to judge real-world risk.

When you choose Truvantis to perform the test, you are assured of a highly experienced tester who also understands the needs of your business.

What We Test For

  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Wireless access
  • Physical access
  • Social engineering
  • Issues with system configuration, hardware, software, business logic and counter-measures
  • Segmentation testing

How We Test

  • On-site or remotely
  • Industry standard tools along with in-house software and hardware
  • Comprehensive test plan that complies with NIST standards
  • Staff interviews
  • Minimizing impact on business
  • Expert analysis of results
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Business-focused analysis and recommendations
  • Black box and white box testing

Truvantis Provides Expert Assistance Start To Finish

Our testers and security experts will help you through the entire process. We’ll work with you to develop a test plan and scope and schedule the tests when they won’t disrupt your business. Once the test is complete, we’ll meet wtith you to review each risk area and answer any questions you have. We’ll help you prioritize items for remediation, recommend ways to resolve issues, and work with you to create a remediation plan.

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