Web Application Vulnerability Security Assessment

Find Security Weaknesses

The goal of web application scanning is to evaluate an application for vulnerabilities such as input validation, poor coding practices, weak configuration management and more. Truvantis also performs advanced site analysis on your website’s structure, content and configuration to identify potential exposure to future or emerging threats. As with all our services, Truvantis scales industry best practice to suit your budget and risk tolerance.

Web application scanning identifies application vulnerabilities and measures site exposure risk. Truvantis will work with you to rank threat priorities. Applications available to the web can be compromised through a number of avenues, including SQL injection, malicious scripts, and cross-site request forgery. Our web application scanning offers complete coverage, outstanding accuracy and expert advice.

Benefits of Web Application Scanning

  • Prioritize remediation based on business risk
  • Production safe scanning
  • No capital expenditures or hiring
  • Trusted, third-party certification
  • Proven vulnerability detection

Accurate and Inclusive

  • SQL/BindSQL injection
  • XSS (Reflected, Persistent, DOM)
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Parameter analysis
  • Remote file include
  • Malicious script and frame analysis
  • Forced browsing
  • HTTP response splitting
  • Flash/Java analysis
  • Many other issues

Truvantis Provides Expert Assistance Start To Finish

Our testers and security experts will help you through the entire process. We’ll work with you to develop a test plan and scope and schedule the tests when they won’t disrupt your business. Once the test is complete, we’ll meet wtith you to review each risk area and answer any questions you have. We’ll help you prioritize items for remediation, recommend ways to resolve issues, and work with you to create a remediation plan.

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