Network Vulnerability Scans

Find Security Weaknesses

Performing a network vulnerability assessment is an important part of maintaining a strong security posture and is a common requirement of compliance regimes. Even the best IT staff with clear policies can make configuration mistakes, and the list of known vulnerabilities changes constantly. Network vulnerability scanning allows you to identify all devices on your network and determine if any have known vulnerabilities or configurations that put your network at risk. This scan can also be directed at your perimeter to ensure that the services you expose are secure. As with all our services, Truvantis scales industry best practice to suit your budget and risk tolerance.

This type of test should be part of you ongoing business as usual security program. It is also a common requirement of regulators or industry standards and is the best way to judge real-world risk.

When you choose Truvantis to perform the test, you are assured of a highly experienced tester who also understands the needs of your business.

A Vulnerability Assessment is Used to Find

  • Unsecured/unknown devices
  • Open ports and services
  • Perspective is the network layer inside and outside the firewall

How We Test

We can utilize several tools, including the market-leading Qualys® Security Platform to perform network scans. Most importantly, you will be guided through the entire process, including choosing what to test, performing the testing, analyzing the results and evaluating tradeoffs between security and business impact.

Truvantis Provides Expert Assistance Start To Finish

Our testers and security experts will help you through the entire process. We’ll work with you to develop a test plan and scope and schedule the tests when they won’t disrupt your business. Once the test is complete, we’ll meet wtith you to review each risk area and answer any questions you have. We’ll help you prioritize items for remediation, recommend ways to resolve issues, and work with you to create a remediation plan.

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